Twin Finance
Audits & Security
We applied for the TechRate Audit before launching the ICO, so that investors understand that we are not just another project. We want to keep users funds safe, and we believe the best way to do so is to educate users on the risks they take, so that they can mitigate them. Update: We added a second audit (HashEx) to provide greater security and transparency for the Twin community

Platform risks

As a smart contract platform this are the risks to take into account

Smart contract hack

Our contracts are open source and freely available, we also have dozens of automated tests to find and prevent any unauthorised or fraudulent use of our contract, alongside heavy manual testing and plans to have professional audits.

Token economics

TWIN is our governance token and as opposed to tAssets it is not backed by collateral, have made it so $TWIN holders benefit from the platform fees and give it a solid base for price growth. All our efforts will be to keep the price stable or growing to benefit our $TWIN holders
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