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Audit TechRate
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TechRate did not find any severe issues but they highlighted some Owner permissions with the contracts. Here is the explanation from the dev team.

Contract Owners

Excerpt from the TechRate audit

TAssets Owner

As defined in tAsset contracts each tAsset has a unique BEP-20 contract that is owned by the Minter contract. This allows the minter contract to create new tokens and burn them when they are claimed. Without this owner privilege the Minter contract wouldn't be able to create new tAssets.

TWIN Owners

The TWIN contract does not use the concept of owners but instead it uses roles:
The team role allows the team to change what address are the team tokens sent to and nothing else.
The farm role is currently not been used but will be assigned soon to our MasterChef contract to allow the contract to give staking rewards (by minting TWIN) to our LP providers.

Minter Owner

The minter contract is owned by the team, and this privilege allows us to update the tokens that can be used for collateral like planned here. And it also allows to update the oracle we use for prices, this will be useful when we transition to a community owned oracle.
Last modified 7mo ago