Twin Finance
Minting Deflationary & Burning
Every year there is a "halving" in the issuance of tokens. Our initial farms will mint 7.3 $TWIN per block or around 201,600 $TWIN per day


First year
7.3 $Twin/Block
77,000,000 $TWIN
Second year
4.2 $Twin/Block
44,000,000 $TWIN
Third year
2.3 $Twin/Block
24,000,000 $TWIN


The burning is carried out with the funds obtained from 2 mechanisms: -Pancakeswap fees for exchanges: 0.12% - Returned to liquidity pools in the form of a fee reward for liquidity providers (PancakeSwap Exchange). -Buyouts tAseets: 4% of the profits from the collateral ratio. These two aforementioned Fees will be used for the burning of Tokens.
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